Malicious Expansion Preview – Vittorio & The Knight

Malicious Expansion Preview – Vittorio & The Knight

Malicious Expansion Preview – Vittorio & The Knight

Welcome back to The Fog! The new Malicious Expansion for Dead by Daylight: The Board Game is coming out soon and will introduce new Survivors, new Killers, and new Maps. In these monthly previews, I’ll share some of the new content with you as we lead up to release!

This week, we’re taking a look at Vittorio and The Knight! 

Vittorio is a very neat Survivor with a focus on closing out Generators and protecting his allies.

Potential Energy: At the start of your turn, remove 1 progress from a generator in a connected space to add 1 progress to a generator in your space.

Potential Energy gives you the power to move progress between Generators. In the early game, this can allow you to coordinate with allies to quickly close out Generators in connected spaces.

Fogwise: At the start of your turn, remove a breakable wall or pallet from a connected path. Place it on another connected path without any other component.

Fogwise lets Vittorio move Breakable Walls and Pallets. It is one of the few tools Survivors have for getting around Breakable Walls, and can allow the Survivors to move in ways the Killer hasn’t anticipated.

Quick Gambit: When you leave the Killer's space, the Killer moves with you.

Quick Gambit lets Vittorio pull the Killer along with him when moving. This is a great disruption technique that’s among the best in the game for spoiling the Killer’s planned moves.

Finally, we reach our most complex Killer to date, The Knight. The Knight has 3 additional minions who prowl the board with him, and each does its own thing.

The Guards start out of play, and choosing where and what order to deploy them is a major part of The Knight’s strategy.

The Carnifex moves around the board destroying things. Lockers, Chests, Crows, and Pallets can all be smashed by this roaming Guard, severely limiting the Survivor’s options.

The Assassin controls a space and ‘attacks’ each Survivor that enters the space.

The Jailer forces players to always use the Danger Die in its space, and punishes them for failure. This is a great Guard to drop onto wounded Survivors, as it will limit the ability of their allies to heal them.

Face the Darkness: At the start of your turn, place a Guard onto your space or a connected space. You may remove an existing Guard to place it instead.

Face the Darkness is the Knight’s Signature Perk, and it allows him to use the Guardian Campagnia ability at a cost of 1 BP instead of as an action. Of course, he can also do both in order to deploy two of his Guards in the same turn.

Nowhere to Hide: When you search a locker, the Survivor in the locker must roll the danger die instead.

Nowhere to Hide is a pretty straightforward perk. Lockers now have a ⅔ chance to result in a pickup, instead of ⅙. Not too shabby.

Hubris: When a Survivor enters your space, they must spend a BP. If they cannot, that Survivor cannot interact this turn.

Hubris makes it dangerous for Survivors to run into your space. If you’re winning a BP battle with the Survivors already, this little bleed can really hurt.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this preview of a new Killer and Survivor for Dead by Daylight: The Board Game! Look out for more reveals in the coming weeks! And don't forget to pre-order the Malicious Expansion, coming out in fall 2024!

Thanks for playing, and see you next time in The Fog!

— D. Brad Talton Jr.
Dead by Daylight™: The Board Game Lead Designer