BattleCON: Raritti Solo Fighter


“What fate do the cards have in store for me?”

BattleCON is a head-to-head battle card game that simulates the action and tactics of a one-on-one fighting game. Each player chooses one fighter from among a vast, diverse cast from the World of Indines, and does battle against an opponent's fighter.  Going on strong since 2011, BattleCON has since become a worldwide sensation, attracting fierce competitors from all across the globe!

Raritti cannot fully control the fates she reads in her cards, but she can anticipate them and use them to her advantage. Manipulate destiny and spell out doom for those who stand against you using the secret power of Millennium Blades!

Predict your own fortune and play to its strengths to gain an edge over your rivals!

Players  Ages Play Time Learning Curve
2 12+ 15-30 min High


Solo Fighters come primed and ready to play the moment they hit the table! This Solo Fighter includes the following:

  • 27 Cards to battle with
  • 1 Punchboards for the Character Tokens
  • 1 Tuckbox to store them in

Each fighter in BattleCon can be played with any other base set, against any other base set! In order to fully experience the game, you will need to buy one of the stand-alone titles, such as: