Sakura Arms — Yurina Box
Sakura Arms — Saine Box
Sakura Arms — Yatsuha Box
Sakura Arms — Promo Pack
Sakura Arms Desk Mat
Sakura Arms Wall Scroll


Choose two patron goddesses and prepare to duel under the falling cherry blossoms in this #1 fighting card game from Japan!

The Goddesses

Each goddess provides ten cards, which take the form of attacks, utilities, or enchantments. Will you build to bolster your strengths, cover your weaknesses, or exploit your opponent's limitations?

Yurina Box

This box is a great starting place for new players, and contains basic, well-rounded goddesses.

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Saine Box

This box contains more technical goddesses and is great for skilled gamers who love subtle strategy.

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Yatsuha Box

This box contains the most recently released goddesses, who possess very unique abilities.

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Key Features

🌸 Six goddesses per box, each with unique powers and mechanics at their disposal.

🌸 Storage boxes for each of your individual goddesses, sized for sleeved cards.

🌸 Quick-deckbuilding guides to help you jump into your favorite goddess right away.

🌸 Unlimited replayability: 153 Goddess pairings, each with over 190,000 possible builds per pairing!

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