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Adventures at Argent, is a unique new storytelling game from Level 99 Games that brings a fantastic world of magic to life. Become a student at Argent, a magical university, and navigate everyday life by juggling classes, adventures, contacts, and intrigue. 

2+ Players2–3hModerate IntensityAges 10+

First brought to life in Argent: the Consortium, Adventures at Argent will return players to this vibrant magic-school setting in a brand new way—free to explore and live fully immersed in the everyday life of this magical university.

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What Makes it unique?


Your school planner is your character sheet. Record your evolving identity, track each week’s activities, record notes for your classes, and manage your commitments in a living journal that will become a personal treasure once your adventures are over.


The magic of Argent is vibrant and living. Students learn spells by recording them in their planners, but each class has its own original kind of magic. Draw pictures, do crafts, record experiments, and chart the houses of the moon. There are over 50 courses to explore, each with several variants, comprising six majors.


Argent is brought to life not through a few books, but a variety of lifelike artifacts that ship in a branded school backpack. Explore campus by reading the curriculum planner. Spread out your maps on the table and navigate to classes. Discover excursions hidden in the articles of the city magazine. These materials are designed to be used live on the table as you play.


Argent is divided cleanly by time. Each day has two periods, each week has five days, each month has twelve weeks. Students must manage their time and study hard in order to prepare for exams. Adventures are bite-sized and must be fit into their busy schedules, which continually pull students back into the ‘everyday magic’ of life on campus.

What's in the Bag?

In your school satchel, you’ll find these game materials…

Curriculum Prospectus

This is your guide to life on Argent’s campus. It’s got all the clubs, circles, couses, sports, staff profiles, key dates, school honor code, information on registration (character creation) and more.

Campus & CIty Map

A detailed map of Argent’s campus, with a map key that links to the Curriculum Prospectus, in order to help you organically discover campus as you explore.
On the reverse, a detailed map of Kor Karoli, the city outside Argent where students often go in search of work, adventure, or excitement off-campus.

Kor Karoli Magazine

This magazine brings the city of Kor Karoli to life, and contains tons of information about the world of Indines, the city of Kor Karoli, and plot hooks and events for students to dive into.


Argent's branded student planners are an optional accessory that can be used to chronicle a character's two-year journey at Argent.
(The game is designed so that any A5-size notebook can be used as a substitute for the planner, however)

Faculty Handbook

This is the guide for your Advisor (game master). It’s got tips for running a game in Argent’s unique setting, as well as test keys for all of the courses in the Curriculum Prospectus!

Choose Your Department

Freshmen at Argent are free to dabble, but second years are expected to join a department and declare a major.
Explore the six schools of magic and see which one is right for you!

Natural Magick

Argent’s oldest department is all about exploring the interconnectedness of nature, life, and magic. Master the power of the elements, speak to plants, catalog herbs, and discover new lands. Natural Magick is excellent for prospective students with strong observational skills, and many of the classes involve drawing.


Argent’s divinity department prepares students for service to the gods and to their fellow mortals. Each course focuses on the miraculous powers of the divinities, often brought to life through creative arts and writing. Classes involve service projects rather than exams, and socially-conscious students who are keen to help others solve problems will excel.


Sorcery brings to life the classical magic of myth and fable. Students will craft wands, learn combat magic, summon creatures of legend, and cast cunning illusions. Classes are literary in nature, and invite students to bring their imaginations to life by writing their own legends and tales.


Mysticism is the study of mysteries, the hidden forces that control all magic and destiny. These occult arts include scrying, binding familiars, crafting magical laws, and manipulating the strings of fate. Students who love to explore symbolism and pursue intrigue will excel in the secret arts.


Argent’s world-class Technomancy department invites students to study the arts of alchemy, artifice, and all forms of mad science. Courses often revolve around diagramming, measurement, and building, and those who can plan ahead or design flexible tools will do well in these technical disciplines.

Planar Studies

The university’s newest department deals with the cutting edge ‘mathemagic’ of the planes. Students will discover how to bend reality, peer through time, travel instantaneously, and transcend mental and physical spaces. Students who can blend the technical and the creative seamlessly will find much to love in these exciting courses.


Sports provide a way to put your spells and talents to work in a real-world setting, without involving high adventure, life-or-death scenarios, or heavy consequences. In short, they’re the perfect way to bring excitement to the ‘everyday magic’ setting of Argent.
Argent offers six club sports that your students can get involved with. See what’s available!

Sport Dueling

Wands at the ready! Sport dueling is a fun way to challenge your fellow mages to duels of wit and power without ending up in the infirmary. There are four kinds of weapons your students can master.


A team contact sport of magical capture-the-flag. Students work together to outplay and outwit the enemy team in this play-based sport. Design plays and execute them on the pitch to claim victory.


An epic, terrain-based board game with magical pieces that duel in a miniature war. Carve your own custom pieces and teach them your spells to see them come to life and wreck havoc on the enemy.

Disc Duelers

The collectible trading disc game that changes everything. Disc Duelers brings fantastic magical duels to life as you design your disc heroes and challenge rivals across campus for their discs.

Maze Caster

Dive into an illusory dungeon full of fantastic puzzles, traps, and enemies. Outwit the mad archmage and escape the labyrinth for the best possible time in this adventuring-simulation sport.

Gladiator’s Road

Street racing in the city of Kor Karoli isn’t technically legal… but it’s not technically illegal either, so why not? Build your own custom choppa’ by combining spells and parts. Watch out on the tracks—anything goes!

Adventures at Argent News

Our new Argent Portal is Live!

Our new Argent Portal is Live!

We've updated our online store with a new Argent: the Consortium Web Portal! Use this page to get Argent games, as well as to download rulebooks and discover useful links!...

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