Argent: Festival of Masks
Argent: Festival of Masks
Product image 1Argent: Festival of Masks
Product image 2Argent: Festival of Masks

Argent: Festival of Masks

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Use Intrigue, Magic, and Cunning to master the Consortium

Festival of Masks provides a new way to play Argent, as well as a new resource to race for during play rounds. Masks provide continuous benefits for an entire round of play, much like some Bell Tower Cards, but the round doesn't end when they're all taken, and you can only have one. Use these masks as the engine for your key strategies, to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and harass opponents.

This product requires the base game Argent: The Consortium.

What's In The Box
  • 30 Standard Sized Cards
    • 18 Mask Cards
    • 6 Vault Cards
    • 6 Supporter Cards
How To Play

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