Argent: The Consortium
Argent: The Consortium
Argent: The Consortium
Argent: The Consortium
Argent: The Consortium
Argent: The Consortium
Argent: The Consortium
Product image 1Argent: The Consortium
Product image 2Argent: The Consortium
Product image 3Argent: The Consortium
Product image 4Argent: The Consortium
Product image 5Argent: The Consortium
Product image 6Argent: The Consortium
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Argent: The Consortium

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Use Intrigue, Magic, and Cunning to master the Consortium

In Argent, the struggle for power, influence, and control is the key to becoming the chancellor of a magical university. Use deadly magic, powerful artifacts, and any inside connections at the academy to manipulate the placement of your opponents’ mages. By utilizing the needs of the Consortium, players can sway their votes and balance their resources to achieve their goal of chancellor.

Players  Ages Play Time Learning Curve
2-5 12+ 30-120 min High

What's In The Box
  • 35 Mage Pawns, represented by their hats in the icons in the game.
    • 1 Archmage’s Apprentice
    • 6 Divinity Mages
    • 6 Mysticism Mages
    • 6 Natural Magick Mages
    • 4 Neutral Mages
    • 6 Planar Studies Mages
    • 6 Sorcery Mages
  • 40 Plastic Coins
    • 10 Golden Coins (equal to 5 Gold)
    • 30 Silver Coins (equal to 1 Gold)
  • 50 Plastic Mana Crystals

  • 1 Consortium Board and Influence Tracker
  • 6 Double-Sided Candidate Sheets
  • 15 Double-Sided University Board Titles

  • 36 Oversized Spell Cards
    • 6 Candidate Starter Spells
    • 5 Legendary Spells
    • 25 Spell Cards
  • 105 Standard Sized Cards
    • 5 Bell Tower Offering Cards
    • 18 Consortium Voter Cards
    • 5 Mage Power Reference Cards
    • 6 Round Cards
    • 36 Supporter Cards
    • 38 Vault Cards

  • 1 Astronomy Tower Marker
  • 1 First Player Marker
  • 6 Influence Tokens
  • 27 Intelligence Tokens
  • 42 Loyalty Badges, 7 each in 6 different colors
  • 60 Marks, 10 of each of 6 different colors
  • 19 Merit Badge Tokens
  • 4 Room Lock Markers
  • 27 Wisdom Tokens
How To Play

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