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BattleCON - Where to start?

BattleCON - Where to start?

BattleCON is a head-to-head fighting card game published by Level 99 Games. BattleCON captures the magic of arcade fighting games with a unique system of combining cards together to form new attacks. Furthermore, each fighter in the game has their own Unique Ability, a special mechanic that grants them new ways to fight.

With over one hundred fighters to play, the interaction of Unique Abilities and custom attacks means that no two games will ever be quite the same.

BattleCON was Level 99 Games' first (and thus oldest) title, with four different editions and five game boxes released over the course of a decade. It can be tough to figure out the right place to start.

In order to help with that, here’s our definitive Guide to Buying BattleCON!

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Golden Rule - Consider Your Group

The most important consideration for buying BattleCON is your play group. Think about who is going to play with you and what kind of experience will excite them. Will they want a huge tableau of characters? Will they want to start small and explore more fighters over time? Are modes like cooperative play and solo play important?

BattleCON is a game that depends heavily on the circle playing it. So the most important thing is to find the starting point that is the right match for your gaming group.

A few other notes...

As you make your decision, here are two things to keep in mind...

  • ALL BattleCON Games are Standalone and Ready-to-Play—this means you can play them without anything else, right out of the box. You don't need to open any packs or deck-build or any thing like that. You can crack open the box, choose fighters, and get right to the game with the quick start rules.
  • NO duplicate fighters between boxes—when you buy a BattleCON box, you are getting a complete set of new fighters. There are no recycled or overlapping fighters between any box in the series. Regardless of what you buy now or what you already own, you won't have to re-buy old content.

Starting without Buying

If you're curious, but you want to dip your toes into BattleCON without much risk, Print and Play is for you!

Print and Play is a system where publishers make a small, free version of a game available for download and print. You can print the game at home or at your local office store, then try it out. This is great for gamers on a budget, or for crafty types who want to make something by hand.


To get the print and play, visit! This link will bring you to a page detailing what BattleCON is all about. You will get a FREE download for the Print and Play Edition in your inbox if you sign up for our mailing list here!

This option lets you try out BattleCON with friends at relatively no cost (just some time and printer ink)!

Starting with a Small Box

Perhaps, you’ve seen the exciting gameplay or read the rave reviews. You’ve made the decision: you are getting a box of BattleCON. But which one?


BattleCON: Trials and BattleCON: Wanderers are both great places to start! Both Trials and Wanderers feature a cast of ten fighters with lots of archetypes to explore.

The range of play styles ensures that there’s something for players who just want to slug it out, as well as for those who want deep tactics.

Check out the rosters of both games by clicking the links above and see which fighters resonate with you and may become favorites in your playgroup.

Going All In

You've watched the videos and read the reviews. You know you're going to love it, and you want to start big.


BattleCON: Devastation is for you. Devastation is the biggest box in the series, and comes with 32 fighters, plus solo and cooperative play modes.

It goes without saying that this is the game for the the BattleCON aficionado. For the definitive BattleCON experience, this is it.

Thanks for Reading

Hopefully this blog has given you all the tools you need to make a decision on where to start and what to buy. All that’s left now is to get in the game and FIGHT!

If you've gotten this far and you're ready to buy, use the code SWITCH-STYLE at checkout to get $10 off of your first BattleCON purchase!

As always, happy gaming!