Millennium Blades Storage Tray Replacements and Shipping Updates

Here's the complete status of Millennium Blades shipping and fulfillment this week. I think we're just about done with the bulk of fulfillment.

Storage Tray Replacements

Please fill out this form to request tray replacements. This form is only for tray replacements.

We don't have a timeline just yet, but we will use the results of this form to help inform our efforts, build our logistics, and determine a timeline for when we can replace these.

This form will remain open for the next 4 weeks, so you should have plenty of time to receive and evaluate your copy of Collusion.

Once again, please DO NOT send us a ticket at this time in regards to this issue, only use this form.

Missing Items

If you do not receive a tracking number or you are missing any add-ons, please DO NOT contact us just yet. Some items may be shipping from different locations, and some items may be delayed slightly as detailed below. Once we complete the bulk of project fulfillment, we will send out a call for any missing items.

World of Millennium Blades Artbooks

We are still working on the logistics of getting these artbooks and other shortfalls around the world. Please be patient for a few more weeks as we get this freight arranged.


We are still figuring out the costs of sending out updated dividers to backers around the world. We'll post new information once we arrive at a solution to this issue.

Play Mats

Bullet♥︎ is starting to arrive at fulfillment centers around the world. If your pledge was waiting on a mat, you can find details on that below...

North America

Most North American pledges have been shipped in full. The only exceptions are the two groups below.

North America + Card Sleeves

We still don't have an exact date on the delivery of the card sleeves yet, but we have paid all factory fees and production should be in progress. We're just waiting on usual confirmations of a project timeline.

North America + Play Mats

We've gotten the playmats out of port and are in the process of forwarding them now. Those will reach Flat River Group in about 3-5 days from when they depart (probably early next week). Pledges containing the playmat (most "All In" pledges) will go out as soon as this item arrives. Because of the way that Flat River Group handles tracking numbers, you likely won't see a tracking number until the week after next.


Spiral Galaxy Games has received our goods and our payment. We believe that shipping has already begun, or should begin very shortly. We are still waiting on a confirmation of this.

Much like other zones, Pledges which contain play mats will only ship once that ship arrives in the UK, which were scheduled for arrival on March 14th. Last we heard, there was still some delay at port, and no news has come out this week, so we continue to wait.

EU Add-ons

Spiral Galaxy Games has begun shipping add-ons for EU pledges. Please wait 1-2 weeks to give these time to get through the post—everything is still complicated right now due to Brexit.

EU Pledges with Play Mat

We've received a confirmation that our ship has unloaded and that mats are now on their way to Fulfillment Europe, scheduled to arrive on the 16th. The remaining MB pledges should go out as soon as these arrive.

AUS Add-ons

All units of Millennium Blades and add-ons have now gone out in Australia.
There are a few item shortfalls (most notably the artbooks as mentioned above) that we are working on now.


All units of Millennium Blades and add-ons have now gone out in Asia.
There are a few item shortfalls (most notably the artbooks as mentioned above) that we are working on now.
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