Coming to Kickstarter on October 27th — Sakura Arms | Level 99 Store

Coming to Kickstarter on October 27th — Sakura Arms

Coming to Kickstarter on October 27th — Sakura Arms

Level 99 Games is proud to announce the upcoming launch of Sakura Arms on Kickstarter!

Join us on 10.27.2020 to celebrate the launch of the English edition of the game!

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Follow this link to learn more about the upcoming release and to see more images of Level 99 Games’ edition of Sakura Arms.

Sakura Arms is the #1 fighting card game from Japan, and we are pleased to bring it to the English-speaking world in its entirety! Choose two patron goddesses and prepare to duel under the falling cherry blossoms!

Each Sakura Arms box contains everything you need to play, so any box is a great place to start, and the most important consideration is your favorite goddess designs.



Battles are fast-paced, and revolve around the movement of Sakura Tokens on the board. Tokens between you represent distance, tokens in your aura are your defenses, and tokens in your flare are spirit power used to unleash deadly Ultimate Attacks! Duels are straightforward and elegant, as everything flows from the movement of this one component.

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Each of the three boxes in Sakura Arms is completely self-contained and has everything you need to play. So whether you want to try a single box and see if the game is for you, or go all-in and collect the entirety of this beautiful set, it's up to you!

All goddesses are compatible with one another, so with 18 available and selecting 2 each game, players have 153 unique archetypes to experiment with—and of course, there are many ways to build your hand within each pair. The possibilities will only grow as more goddesses continue to join the roster year by year.