Millennium Blades New Character L'oree Reveal

Millennium Blades New Character L'oree Reveal

Millennium Blades New Character L'oree Reveal

Attention Bladesters, have you heard of our lore and savor Artabayaxnias? If you haven’t then that’s no problem; you will soon enough! In this week’s blog, I’ll introduce you to our resident lore-obsessed cult leader: L’oree!


Millennium Blades is meant to appeal to a wide range of card gamers, ranging from collectors to serious professionals. However, one character archetype that has sorely been missing is the player who is in-love with the story and characters in the game. L’oree is meant to fill that gap! L’oree knows the deep secrets of Millennium Blades. She knows every piece of text on the cards. She sees connections between cards printed now and millennia ago. She sees the patterns and the implications of these things. She sees that hidden messages in the flavor text of a card game point to the great coming of Artabaynaxnias. She and many fellow lore-keepers have created a totally non-cultish group of fellows who read the ancient card texts to pave the way for their dark maste-I mean their understanding of the lore.


L’oree’s deckbuilding power allows her access to a custom deck box: the Whim of Artabayaxnias. Note that this power activates during each deckbuilding phase, so she can get it back wherever it is! Did she sell it, use it in a fusion, or even give it to someone else as a trade? It doesn’t matter! She gets it back anyway. Such is the power of flavor.

Playing into the theme of her character, the deck box itself cares about flavor text, giving L’oree a powerful effect if she collects cards that have flavor text on them. To help with this, her second deckbuilding power gives her free cards so long as they have flavor text. If you’ve read the ancient scripts yourself, you’ll know which sets are more likely to have flavor text. Use that to your advantage and make bank by commandeering those important sacred texts that just so happen to be on trading cards.


Card effects? Metas? Collections? Why are people so obsessed with these meaningless things? They’re all forgetting the most important part of any card: the flavor text! L’oree’s tournament ability effectively creates a “negative” metagame that cares about flavor text. This forces your opponents to run flavor text cards if they don’t want to lose points. Coincidentally, her deck box, the Whim of Artabayaxnias, also happens to give her points for each card with flavor text, including her opponents’! Thus, any game with L’oree will surely be a flavorful time!

You’ll see her, alongside many new cards, in the upcoming Millennium Blades -Again- Kickstarter! Check it out and get notified!

Art Initiative Gallery

We’re already seeing the artists begin posting their works on #ByTheBlade for the Millennium Blades Art Initiative. Here’s a look at a few of them!

Power Creep by Qewie

Cardinal Baanz challenges Proxanne by goodbyellow

Destine by Leofoxart

That’s all for this blog post, friend! If you’re excited for Millennium Blades -Again- and want to support us, check out the Kickstarter and share the arts with everyone you know!