Monthly Progress Update - March 2021

Monthly Progress Update - March 2021

Monthly Progress Update - March 2021

Greetings friends!

It's been a pretty eventful month here at Level 99 Games. Our biggest accomplishment this month has been completing the bulk of Millennium Blades and Bullet♥︎ fulfillment. While there's still plenty of work left to do, we hope to have the projects fully cleaned up and delivered by the middle of April.

We also launched Bullet🍊 (Bullet Orange), the first small expansion to Bullet♥︎ through our online store's new Launch 99 Program! 

BlazBlue Exceed has arrived in the USA, and is en route to our fulfillment center as of next week. We are very excited to begin shipping this game ahead of its announced release date to fans all around the world! Pre-orders are still available, as are tournament kits!

Finally, next week we are embarking on our next big Kickstarter project, Empyreal: Spells & Steam. We hope that whether you're a new fan of Empyreal or a returning veteran that you'll join us and help to make this project a big success. You can see a preview of the project right here:

Thanks so much for being a part of Level 99 Games! We look forward to sharing these and more great games with you in the coming months!

Project Progress

Here's our project progress for the month!

We've also added a more detailed Fulfillment Progress chart for games which are currently in the transit and fulfillment stages of delivery. You can find that chart for Bullet♥︎. We'll also use it for all future games going forward.