September Event Calendar

Hello, friends! As mentioned in our last newsletter, we'll be doing more weekly events for you to come and join in. E...

Sakura Arms, Iconoclash, and more in our August Recap!

Greetings friends, A lot has happened in August. Preparation continues for upcoming projects, but we're taking consc...

Empyreal: Far Corners

Empyreal: Far Corners is now live on Kickstarter! Empyreal: Spells & Steam is a beautiful game about building ra...

Announcing Launch 99

In the past, we've done most of our major releases through a combination of Kickstarters and Pledge Managers. While this is a great system, it's not perfect for every project.

Preparing for 2021

Level 99 Games is preparing for some big changes in 2021. We're revising the way that we share news and keep you up to date on our up-coming games and projects in progress!
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