Level 99 Games Preferred Retailer Program

Level 99 Games Preferred Retailer Program is your store's publisher-direct source for world-class productions from Level 99 Games!

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Our preferred retail program is simple, easy, and clean: You buy games, we ship games.

Here are the finer details:

  • 50% MSRP Discount
  • Net 30 Terms available by request
  • Free Shipping in the USA at $200 NET order.
  • No MAP Agreements or Order Minimums

Instead of a strict MAP Agreement, we simply ask that you treat our games with respect to the value we have established for them—please don't consistently undercut our MSRP on online storefronts like Amazon or Ebay. We reserve the right to revoke membership in this program for any reason, including excessive discounting.

How do I become a Preferred Retailer?

To become a Level 99 Games Preferred Retailer, just visit our retailer portal to sign up. We'll review your store information and get back to you shortly.

If we met you at a convention or you reached out directly via some other means, check your business's email for an activation link. If you don't find one or have lost this link, contact us directly to get a new one.

How do I make orders?

Once your account is set up, you can make an order by visiting the Retailer Login Page. From here, you can view orders you have made, or click the "Quick Order Form" link to start building a new order quickly. Please do not use the normal storefront or main site navigation to make Retailer Orders, as pricing may not display correctly.

Once your order is complete, click on the "Checkout" button. If you have requested Net 30 Terms, your order will be processed immediately and you will receive an invoice. Otherwise, you will be asked to provide payment information directly.

Domestic (USA) Delivery

Shipping on retailer orders below $200 is based on carrier rates in your area. This will be automatically calculated. If your order is above $200, you will receive free shipping in the USA.

International Delivery

We currently do not offer international freight delivery. Instead, we require international retailers to ship to a consolidator or mail forwarder within the contiguous 48 states. However, we offer free shipping to these consolidators/forwarders if your order exceeds our normal $200 NET threshold.

How does Level 99 Games handle damages & replacement Parts

If any of your products are damaged in transit, please contact us directly to report issues and receive a credit to your account. Please include pictures of any damage, so that we can claim insurance for these damages.

If a customer's item is defective or damaged, you may contact us on their behalf, or direct them to our contact form (https://www.level99games.com/contact-us). We are happy to handle any issues with lost, missing, or damaged parts directly with customers.

If a customer requires a refund for an item that is not defective or damaged, please process this in accordance with your store's own refund policy.

What items are available to Preferred Retailers?

Our Preferred Retailers have access to all of our in-stock catalog, and most of what is available on the Customer-facing Level 99 Store at a 50% discount. Most notably:

  • New releases and pre-orders are available long before distribution has access to these items, allowing you to make pre-orders available to your customers.
  • Promotional items and demo decks will soon be available to retailers to give away for free to their customers.
  • Organized Play kits to paid store events will soon be available to retailers.

A few items are unavailable by default:

  • Shirts, Some Playmats, Posters, and other items which are printed on-demand have a much higher per-unit cost and cannot be discounted to retailer levels. If you wish to stock these items, talk to us and we can figure out what the options are.
  • Except in some special cases, bundles are not available to Retailers. You must order each item individually to receive the Retailer discount.