Yuzuriha Box

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Under Night In-Birth makes its way from the arcade to your tabletop with the Exceed Fighting System! Each fighter’s unique special moves and personal strategies have been translated to the tabletop in stunning detail.

This box contains 4 fighters and everything you need to play:

  • Yuzuriha - Set up a flurry of powerful attacks and press your luck to unleash them on opponents with Yuzuriha's unique and unpredictable style.
  • Carmine - Carmine places traps throughout the arena which rise up and attack along with him!
  • Byakuya - Byakuya's opportunistic and aggressive play style  keeps the pressure on opponents while setting traps around the area.
  • Mika - Mika doesn't have full control of her attacks, but her boosts give her the opportunity to adjust and rush down opponents as she fights.

With the Exceed Fighting System, any fighter can battle against any other, regardless of their origin!

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